8 Online Business You Can Start without capital


Anybody can start making money online with a smartphone without technical experience, you can monitor your business from any way and put in good time as long as you want the business to succeed as an online business entrepreneur. There are businesses you can do and give up your day job, most of these businesses can be done anyway in the world. I have seen some persons who reside outside Nigeria and are doing online businesses. Check out bloggers who reside in UK, USA, etc. They have many followers especially those blogging on African food. I know of one who is into networking business and she is pulling it. 

Top 8 online business for student and any interested person 

1. Affiliate Marketing online business 

This is a process of selling other people’s products to earn commission for whatever you sell through the link you are using. Affiliate marketing can give you plenty money if you know how to market and enlarge your customer base. There are many affiliate companies you can register with to start the business, such as; Amazon, Click bank etc. Identify a suitable niche with products or service you can sell easily.

In affiliate marketing you offer products/service for sale with special affiliate link. Any customer who clicks on your link is taken to the company you are selling for and when the buy anything you will be paid commission. The commission you earn depends on the company and package you are selling.
There is absolutely no risks nor investment require. Time devoted to it is less. As a student after your day’s activities you can create 1 hour to advertise 

2. Blogging 

This is another good way of making money online, very good for students and any other person who is good in writing or have interest. Let me make it clear that you don’t have to be a good writer before you can start blogging. You can use the services of a freelancer or pay writers to write for you. To start you must identify a niche you can flow, don’t start blogging because Linda Ikeji is making millions from it but rather to impact, educative, entertain and improve the life of others.

Blogging may required some valuable time if you are writing by yourself, you must be a good researcher to be current. And must keep updating your post to the present time. To be a successful blogger, you must have good contents that can be well articulated. Blogging is not all about writing post alone there are things you can do such as posting of videos, photos, news, food, culture etc. You can make additional money from blogging by selling products, affiliate marketing, AdSense program etc. 

3. Vlogging 

This is similar to blogging but it is centered on video, there are different media you can use for this form of blogging, they are; YouTube, TikTok etc. YouTube is the most popular video blog globally with over 1 billion users. Don’t get it twisted, you don’t have to record world class video before you start uploading on YouTube. You mustn’t be seen also before your contents can be accepted, I have been using YouTube for more than a year now and have not shown my face at anytime. Not because of anything, purely my own style of doing Vlogging. I have more than 1000 subscribers this is because I upload video once in a while, had it been I’m consistent I would have attracted more subscribers.
There are some Vloggers who only show pictures without sound and use writing to explain their video yet they have many subscribers and are making money money. You don’t have any excuse, do you know people are earning dollars by uploading their life story or day to day activities.

4. Dropshipping

This is new model of doing business, you don’t have to buy products and stockpile them rather you stand in between buyers and companies that own products. Look for a reliable company such as Amazon, Ebay etc register and have an account with them. Advertise the products you are interested in selling, it could be fashion products, consumables etc. When a buyer makes an order you send the buyers address to the company; instead of them sending the package to you, they will send it to the buyer’s address.
Remove your profit from the money the buyer sent and send the cost of the item to seller.

Note, when you upload the products make sure the price you put will cover for every expenses and your profit. Go for products that are highly demanded,you can build a website for your drop shipping business to attract more buyers. 

5.Mini importation 

Register with AliExpress, it is a platform you can buy products at a very cheap price for sell. Mini importation business is a process whereby you import items from another country such as;China, US, Malaysia into Nigeria in a small quantity for sale. This will require small capital but the profit is huge. Import things that are in high demand either in your location or Nigeria as a whole. You can advertise and sell the products on jiji, Jumai,Konga etc. 

6. Kindle Publishing 

You don’t need any special skill to become a publisher in Amazon, the only thing you need is to understand the concept of publishing in Amazon. You can pay people to work for you or do the work yourself if you can create enough time for it. To start, register with Amazon Kindle Publishing, choose a niche and concentrate on it, you will keep earning for life. 

7. Freelancing 

You can earn 1000$ a month as a freelancer, the amount you earn depends on the number of task you are able to do in a month.There are many freelance site where you can do work for people and get paid. Some of the jobs include; Ghost writing, editing, writing translation, copywriting, proof reading, emailing, commenting on sites, graphic designs, marketing media, photography, data entry, video viewing etc. You can register with Fiverr, Upwork sites. Here are some Nigeria freelancing sites; Asuqu, Justfrom5k, Jo-Lancer, SourceGig etc.

8. Networking 

This is same as affiliate marketing but here you build human capacity. Many companies don’t want to employ many staff but rather use affiliate program which produce more result in the shortest possible time. In network marketing, you are paid commission whenever someone uses your link to register aside the profit you make from selling products. Also, you are receive rank award whenever you grow your community and each rank attracts commission.

There’s so much money to be made in networking business. I have seen people who built houses, acquire properties through networking. The only thing that has hindered many people from doing this sort of business is the word “I cannot talk, do marketing, I’m a shy person” etc. In this era of social media such as Facebook such excuses are not acceptable. Do you know many people hate network marketing business with passion, I can’t blame them I was once like them until I tested the honey in the business. 

In Conclusion 

8 online business opportunity has been presented to you, there are tens of them, do your research and choose the one you can conveniently do. Internet business can be very rewarding and flexible, it makes you master of your own job.

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