Top 10 Business you can start with 50,000 Naira in Nigeria

The world is evolving at top speed and is becoming digitally globalized and the system is saturated with ground breaking business opportunities. Nigeria is not left out as men and women are making history in the business world today. Welcome and if you want to start a business.

Maybe you just want to generate some passive income, something that keeps body and soul together or maybe you are just fed up with going to work for someone else every single day and you want to become your own CEO or you are an entrepreneur and starting and scaling your business is  your dream and the path to your most self actualized state.

 You may be thinking  you need so much to start? Well, let me walk you through 10 fantastic businesses you can start with just  ₦50,000 Naira or less in Nigeria today. Now let's start!

1. Baking Business 

  This is a business i know is really thriving in Nigeria, cakes, chin chin, egg rolls and pasteries are things i know Nigerians can never get enough of, right from wedding parties, birthdays to graduation ceremonies all needs cakes or small chops.

This is a business you can start right from your house by making chin chin or cupcakes and sell to earn more.  This is also a business you can promote on social media so to get people to know your work and you can take orders online and start making more money. It is a very lucrative business.

2. Starting small scale Farming 

  This is a gradual growing money process and very lucrative, you can start little, mostly planting yearly harvested crops like cassava, corn and others and sell them for money and gradually you will be big and you can also invest in snail or poultry farming and these will yield you enough profit.

 3. Soap Production 

 Soap production business is also a lucrative business to invest in, you can start with liquid soap for bathing and also for washing, you brand them with the name you desire for your company and distribute them to various shops and supermarkets to check your product and if you are good they will start purchasing your product.

You can advertise your product on social media too like Facebook, twitter, Instagram and your delivering can then start, and you start earning your money.

 4. Home and Beauty Products and Perfumery 

 This is a business you can surely start by making beauty products like Facial creams, Liquid or Bar soaps and sell for money, The chemicals needed for this business are available in the market and won't cost you up to ₦50,000.

Adding perfume to it makes it complete and very lucrative and brings high profit, you could buy and sell at double price or make the product yourself and sell to your customers and make more money and remember advertisement is very important for people to know what you do.

 5. Fast food Business 

 One thing you should know is that the importance of food to the body can not be overemphasized, this is a business i have seen women venture into and are growing well. All this business needs is your cooking skills and once you have that boom you start making money and you food will draw customers to you.

Get all the cooking instrument you need and you can even be making delivering to parties and events, and never forget that advertisement is a very important part to promote the business and also use all the social media platform available to you to promote your food business and you will see how lucrative it really is.

6. Hair/Barbing Salon 

  Hair barbing salon is a lucrative business, all you need is the skills first and then little money to buy the instrument needed for the job, a comb, scissors, brushes and others to serve your customers well, and were this is also sweet is when you also learn hair styling and also do for females and make more income. You know women like it when guys makes their hair.

You can also do home services to people and earn more money, and don't forget to advertise your business online too to promote your business.

7. Tailoring / Fashion Designing 

 This is also a super profitable business believe me, we all love wearing designer clothes, mostly for parties and outing.

You can start tailoring business and all you need is the skills and you must be good at what you do o when people see your design outside they will love it, then you will need a sewing machine and other materials to get on with the business.

Always display your new styles on social media for people to see and in that way you also promote and advertise for the business.

8. Web Designing 

 This is a business that only require a laptop and a smartphone and most importantly your skills. You can design websites for companies and get paid, all you need do is to sell yourself out there and present your client with an irresistible work, and they will be needing your work.

 9. Graphic Designing 

 I know this  is  another popular business in Nigeria. You jut have to be good at designing and creating images using platforms like Canva and Photoshop, this is a business you can start on your own and gain clients to patronize your work.

10. Blogging

 Blogging is another lucrative business and all you need for the is a laptop and a smart phone and 5k to buy a domain.

To start, you just need to choose a niche, something you love doing so much and then you can start blogging about that passion and you can start making money from it. Blogging is very wide and you can add affiliate marketing and make more money from blogging, use social media platform to promote your website.

There you go! Those are the 10 fantastic businesses you can start-up in Nigeria with as low as ₦50,000 naira and below and many more businesses available to you.

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