Painful Sin


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Kule was the king of Alfa Kingdom, he has a son naed Julius, Julius was a young handsome prince, unmarried yet, lover  of women, until that day that he made a terrible mistake, The Painful Sin, the sin that laid a curse on his royal family.

In the land of Alfa, there is only one successful palm wine tapper, his name was IZU, Izu lost his wife, she died while giving birth to his daughter, so he was left with only his daughter name Juliet, Juliet was his only hope, joy and happiness. Izu was a great man who loves given.

Izu always give palm wine to the king every last market day of the month as a kind gesture. Years later Izu and her daughter were both happy cause Juliet was about getting married.


So on that faithful day before the marriage ceremony her father gave her a keg of palm wine to give to the king.

On getting to the king's palace Juliet could not find the king but met the prince in the room upstairs of the palace. She greeted the prince and gave him the palm wine, told him to please give it to the king, that it is from her father to the King as a kind gesture.

But the prince could not resist her beauty, so he decide to touch her, she moved back, she moved back, the prince drew closer to her, as she continue moving back, unknowing to her that she was close to the edge of the stairs she fell down the stairs and gave up the ghost immediately.

The prince was shocked😲 and shout out from his room, every one was shocked and the king asked his son what is going on? and how did this happened?, the king son Julius started crying pleading for forgiveness, he told his father how he wanted to touch Juliet and how the accident has happened, the king was heartbroken and slapped his son with anger saying he has never believe his son could stood so low, the King was so sad that his son has ruined their reputation.

Few minutes later the news got to Izu but he did not believe a word they say until he got to the palace, he was shocked to see her daughter lying dead on the ground.

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Izu was filled with pain saying my happiness, joy, hope has been taken away from him, my daughter will no longer get married and you are pleading for forgiveness, you have commit a great sin, the one that can never be forgiven, the king was so ashamed of what his son has done.

Izu went back home so devastated and he mourned for some days after the burial of his daughter, he went back to the palace, on getting their, the king asked Izu to sit down which he refused and told the king that he did not come to listen to what he have to say but to say what he have in his mind, the King pull his royal crown  and plead on behalf of his son but Izu refuse and he said

i know you are a good King but because of the sin your son have committed i lay a curse on this royal family, no female child from this family will ever get married, any one that tried will die and he left in anger, the king wet.


Years later, the King pass on and Julius was crown the king of Alfa kingdom, he begat two daughters and one son, the two daughters were named  Asumpta and Josphine and the son Joshua, the first daughter Asumpta was about getting married, they made a lot of preparations, so it was that the night before the wedding, Asumpta pass on, she slept and never woke up.

In the morning when Josphine got to her sister's room, she saw her sister still sleeping, she tried waking her up but she could not, so surprised she was and she went to call her brother, Joshua looked at her and started crying saying to her sister Josphine that they have lost their sister, Josphine shouted and the King and the Queen rushed in and saw their daughter lying dead on the bed, they all cried and kept wondering the cause of their daughter death.

The next day, the Queen went to the King and asked him to look for the cause of their daughter death.

The King has  forgotten the curse laid on the family years back, he went to consult the chief priest of the kingdom, he asked him to show them the cause of their daughter death.

The chief priest told him that a man named Izu laid a curse on the royal family years ago that no female child from the royal family will ever get married and anyone who tried will die, as soon a the queen and the children heard this, they cried out and said that their father is responsible for the deathof their sister.

The Queen ask the King why did he hide it from such from her, the Queen was so upset with the King so Josphine told his father to look for a solution to the problem cause no one can stop her from getting married, the King was confuse and ask the priest if their is a solution to break the curse, but the priest said nothing can be done that Izu died with the curse.

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On hearing this, Josphine fainted, she was rushed to the hospital, when she woke up, she was crying asking herself why did she come fro the royal family.

In the ward she was admitted, there was a pastor there who came to visit his member, the man of God saw her crying and went to her saying young  lady why are you crying, Josphine could not herself so she told him everything that have happened.

The man of God told her to wipe away her tears and told her she will cry no more.

Josphine collected the pastors number, on getting home, she told her parent that she have found the solution and the King asked solution from where, Josphine answered from the man of God.

Since no other way to solve the problem, the King accepted and told her to call him to come, when the man of God  got to the palace, the King asked, are you the one to solve our problem, not me but the almighty God, so he answered.

The pastor ask them to pray for forgiveness, after a lot of praying, the pastor told them it is over and the King asked just like that and the man of God answered Yes, believe and have faith in God that it is over.

Two months later Josphine was about getting married, though she was a bit scared but she had faith in God, they did the marriage successfully and nine months later she begat a boy and they were all happy and lived happily.


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