True love (short story)


George was a young handsome man looking for a beautiful well-charactered girl to marry, on his way to work one day he meant a girl named Maria.

Maria was the only child of her mother and she lost her father at a very young age, she was well-charactered but not so beautiful " but character does not lies on beauty". so George saw her and she greeted him and pass but George was amazed with her attitude and he called on her, she answered, George didn't bother beating about the bush, so he hit the nail on the head, what's your name, Maria she answered.

Well i like you and my heart has fallen for you already, i want to marry you, they say " when a man knows what he want, he ask straight" she starred at him for a while, who are you?, where are you from?, so she asked. i am George from this neighborhood, he answered well i will think about your proposal, meet me here in two days and i will give you my answer, i will be here, he answered.

Maria got home and told her mother and she encourage her to thread carefully before giving him an answer, throughout that night,  she was thinking about George  because she too was in love with him at first sight.

Two days later, George was already there waiting for her, she arrived, so you came, she asked him, Yes i am here because i want you in my life. Well i accept your proposal, so she said. George was overwhelmed and lift her up immediately and so their love story began.

In the cause of their love, they encounter so many obstacle and temptations but the overcame, George was even seduced by Juliet (the that was once in love with him) even walk naked in front of him anytime she come visiting but George resisted and never hurt Maria his love.
when they fight, they never tell their families or friends, they settle their issues indoor with love.

So their love became so strong, so much love they shared, until they make love one blessed night at George house, she got pregnant, and immediately George got married to her and they lived happily together.

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