Top 8 Existing Industries and Support Agency in Nigeria

1. NEPC (Nigerian Export Promotion Council), established in 1976 by Decree No. 26. 


  • They advise our local exporters on export procedures, documentation, costing, pricing, quality control and packaging of goods for export purposes.
  • They encourage the implementation of Federal Government export policies and programs.
  • They mobilize exporters and encourage them to participate in foreign trade firms and exhibition with a view of publishing our exporting product abroad.

2. NERFUND (National Economic Re-construction Fund), established 1989 by Decree No. 4. Established to provide special funding facilities to our industrialist and also act as a catalyst for the stimulation of the table of real production activities in Nigeria.


  • To provide medium to long term loan to participating bank for onward landing to SME's (Small and Medium scale Enterprises).
  • To provide professional assistance on how to go about processing of the loan.
  • To facilitate the provision of the loan with 5 to 10 years maturity with moratorium of 1-3 years depending on the nature of the product.

3. NDE (National Directorate of Employment), established Nov 1989 by Decree No. 24. NDE function seriously lies on the promotion and development of entrepreneurship in Nigeria.


  • To improve the overall economic, social and political well being.
  • To boost technical support for food production in Nigeria.
  • To develop and encourage potential entrepreneur, and equip them to successfully manage SME's

4. DFFRI (Directorate of Food, Roads and Rural Infrastructure), established 1988 to facilitate the provision of food, road constructions, repairs and overall rural infrastructural development in Nigeria.


  • Their effort have helped reduce the lost of transportation of rural products to urban centers.
  • To improve the lives of the people in the rural areas.
  • To significantly help farmers in the rural areas to compliment the agricultural development programs.

Problem why they could not succeed.

  • Insufficient fund.
  • Inadequate infrastructure.
  • Problems of quota system.
  • Default in loan repayment

5. RMRDC (Raw Material Research and Development Council), established 1987 by Decree No. 39. Their contribution was also focused on the promotion and development of entrepreneurship in Nigeria.


  • Boosting agricultural productivity through seed multiplication and distribution to farmers.
  • The development of alternative livestock feed.
  • Commercialization of indigenous incentive through the establishment of pilot based R&D resolve from other research industries and institutions.

6. IDC (Industrial Development Center), established through the Ford Foundation of USA in 1962/1963 and established in Zaria and Owerri before the civil war. The Federal Ministry of Industry reactivated the IDC and established more in the state. IDC function in the area of promotion and development of entrepreneurship in Nigeria.


  • They assist in mapping out some marketing strategies regarding packaging, pricing, promotion and sells of their product.
  • They assist SME's in the installation and operation of machinery and help resolve operational encounter by them.
  • They assist and advise small industrialist on the improvement of the design and quality of their products.

7. ITF (Industrial Training Fund), established 1971 by Decree No. 47 to mainly promote indigenous man-power development in Nigeria.


  • They promote the acquisition of skills sufficient to meet the needs of the economy.
  • They provide incentives to SME's that are their members and to allow used their training facilities.
  • They render training advisory services to SME's after identifying their training needs.

8. CIRD (Center for Industrial Research and Development), established 1979 as an inter-disciplinary unit of the faculty of science of the university of IFE to carry out research into various aspect of industrial development in Nigeria.


  • They encourage and assist community sponsor industry.
  • They do feasibility studies, financial analysis, monetary and evaluation of projects and other areas of consultancy.
  • They conduct management training seminar and workshops on all aspect of SME's business.
These are the various existing industries and support agencies in Nigeria🇳🇬.

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