Top 5 Industrial Association in Relation to Entrepreneurship in Nigeria

1. NASSI (National Association of Small Scale Industrialist), established Sept 1978 by some small scale industrialist to carter for small scale industries in the nation.


  • The establishment and maintenance of a common forum where small scale industry can meet to discuss common problems affecting them and exchange ideas.
  • To provide a common avenue for communicating to the government financial institution and other important organization; the problem of small scale industrialist will be aim at requesting for help from such body.
  • They help in solving the problem confronting individuals small scale industrialist or entrepreneur who are members in various chapter.

2. NACCIMA (Nigerian Association of Chamber of Commerce, Industry Mines and Agriculture), established in 1888 by the Lagos state chamber of commerce and industry. The association was also known as the organized private sector (OPS) of the Nigeria economic started in the year 1960 and has since grow tremendously with information of different organization.


  • They contribute to the overall economic stability of the community.
  • It also contribute to the social economic and political development of Nigeria.
  • It promote, protect an developed all matters affecting commerce industry mines and agriculture with other forms of private economics activities by lawful means.

3. MAN (Manufacturing Association of Nigeria), MAN is a National Industrial Association serving and representing about nearly 2,000 companies in private an public structure in manufacturing, construction and services sector of the nations economy. It is also part of NASSIMA that was formed in May 1971 as a company limited by guarantee as the initiative of members of Ikeja and Apapa manufacturers association and other manufacturers in various center in Nigeria. Membership of the association is mandatory and open to manufacturing company employing not less than 10 persons in permanent establishment.

Activities of MAN

  • The first objective of MAN is providing for all manufactures in Nigeria, the means for formally making known and influencing government policy with regard to industrial, labour, social, legal, training and technical makers.
  • MAN promote and develop the contribution of its members to national economy by making representation on behalf of its members to government and other association whose work directly or indirectly affect the interest of manufacturers.
  • They promote the export of members product through constant enlightenment campaign.

Some of the services provided by MAN

  • Economic research and analysis.
  • Information distribution and promotion of men in Nigeria product.
  • Business consultancy.
  • Monitoring and analysis of government policy.
  • Promotion and organization of trade fare and exhibition.
  • Investment and financial advisory

Benefits of becoming a member of MAN

  • Capacity building for members 
  • Direct intervention on members problems.
  • Recognition by government agency and business communities.
  • Public policy advocacy for favorable investment.

4. NECA (Nigerian Employers Consultative Association), established in 1959 with it membership drawn from private and public sectors of the employers association. It is the umbrella organized or employers association of Nigeria.

Federal ministry of labour formed the association primarily with the following reasons:

  • As a counter force formed by employers to help check the excess of trade union.
  • As part of International Level Organization (ILO) requirement of tripertile system of consultation in members nation involving the government. The trade union, and other employer of labour that are not part of NECA.
  • Another view was that notable trade unionist like Michael Imadu, Muokugbo Okoye etc, were actively involve in the independent movement etc.

As it is today, NECA is the only central organization of employers in Nigeria.

NECA aims

  • It helps it members with advice on the peaceful resolution of industrial dispute.
  • NECA also exchanges information on all important personal matters in the country.
  • They promote, influence, or seek the re-appeal of legislative and other resources affecting or likely to affect employers.

Roles of employers

  • Maintain good human relation with the employees.
  • Ensure adequate and appropriate motivation method.
  • Promote effective communication in an organization.
  • Encourage welfare and employees services.
  • Ensure efficient handling of labour grediency.
  • Improve the training and development of workers. 

5. SMEDAN (Small and Medium Enterprise Development Agency of Nigeria), It is one of the important agency involve in the small and medium scale industrial development. Established as an act of 2003 to promote the development of small and medium scale enterprise sector in Nigeria economy. The agency position itself as a one-stop shop from micro small and medium enterprise development.

SMADAN Functions

  • They provide business information in partnership with various state government.
  • They compile, reveal and update all existing economy policies, regulation, incentives and legislation affection micro, small medium scale enterprise operation within the country.
  • It world market session sources, and it meant available information on international market product standard and speculation and regulation including available local technologies and prototype.

Services of SMEDAN

  • They provide internet website facilities for SMEs.
  • They also provide business support center in each state.
  • They also provide business advisory services.
  • They provide market information.
  • They provide business consultancy services.

Reason for establishing SMEDAN

  • Poor business evolvements like poor infrastructure, multiple taxation, levis and constant harassment from local government officials.
  • Unstable and poor institutional support from government and their agencies.
  • Limited scope of operation.
  • Competition from imported goods.
  • Low credit rating from financial institutions.

Objectives of SMEDAN

  • To encourage the development and utilization of local technologies.
  • To facilitate asset to local and international market.
  • To improve on the utilization of local raw materials.
  • To ensure poverty alleviation.
  • To generate employment.
  • To facilitate access to credit.
  • To improve access to other factor of production.

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