The priestess and The handsome warrior

The priestess and The handsome warrior

There come a small town named Serenity ( meaning calm village), and there was a beautiful priestess, mere looking at her your heart will fall for her instantly, the whole men in the village has tried to marry her but never succeeded.

Though she is a priestess but the villagers respect and honour her so much because she brought peace to that village and has help the villagers in times of needs. For so many years she could not find a suitor, a man her heart fall for and loved, because of this they always perform a fight festival called MELEE festival every year for her to choose a suitor, which always yield no good result.

On her way to the woods one day to get some herbs, she meant Lorcan (the fierce one), she fell in love with him at first sight, same did he. Who are you young man, she asked,
I am Lorcan from this village too and i am a warrior to this kingdom.

Hmmm, she smiled (in her heart, what an handsome man, he will be mine), what a great name you are given, she said,
Thanks, Well i will be going now your priestess, he said, she was shocked, (cause that was not what she was expecting) you are leaving, she asked, Yes he answered. Okay take of yourself, they departed.


She got home that night and began to wonder what has happened, why did he not propose his love to me cause i could see it in his eyes and heart❤️, is it that i'm not beautiful anymore or what, so many unanswered questions.

She slept that night thinking about Lorcan the handsome warrior, same did Lorcan at his own house thinking about the priestess.

The next day she walked through the same path if she will see Lorcan again, behold he was also there waiting for her, he glance at her(it was as if he swallowed his tongue instantly).

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My priestess, yes she answered, your beauty is one to behold, you are captivating, admirable, adorable, alluring, appealing, beauteous, bewitching, charming, classy, comely, my heart fall for you the first day i saw you, i love you and without time for formalities, i want you to be mine if the god's will permit. She smiled, (in her heart she was happy), you melt my heart with sweet words, right now all i can say is i accept your proposal, he was surprise at her response, and she said, i will be yours cause my heart has fallen for you too but you know the rules.

Now we are wondering 🤔 what rules again, THE RULES, the reason why all the men in the villager never succeeded in marrying her was because they couldn't withstand her KISS, Oh yes the Kiss of death or life,.

The fight festival was for her honour to find a suitor, the one who emerges winner will have to kiss her to confirm the god's accept him or not, if accepted he will live but if not he will die, knowing this rules and the danger of it never stop the men from participating in the fight cause all men want her.

Yes i know the rules and i am ready to die for you, he was so fearless, i will fight for our love and if the god's approve, we shall live together forever, if otherwise then let faith take it course, so he said to her.


She was moved by the bravery and love of Lorcan, let's wait and see cause i can't wait to be with you, me too he said, they wave byes and departed.

On getting home that day, Lorcan told his parent of his intentions which the reactions were not friendly at all, Oh my son are you mad or stupid, the father said,
i think he is, the mother said, how can you ever think of that, do you want to die, don't you know what has happened to all the men who ever tried to marry her, the father said..

Father i know and i am ready to die for her, please allow me , i am begging you, if i die don't ever forgive my stupidity this once, they ended the meeting which was in anger, that night he went to his father for his blessing after long talk and conviction, the father seeing how in love his son was, he accepted his faith and bless him.

So it was that the time for the MELEE festival (fight festival) has begun, the fight comprises of five stages. The king was sited and the other dignitaries of the land and the villagers to watch the great fight.
Rules of the fight was simple, if your back touches the ground, you loose.


The fight begun, the men fought so well, Lorcan passed the four stages, he was to fight with Aloisia (also a great warrior), they fought for so long that they got tired and were now fighting with their last strength ( i call it last battery), Lorcan succeeded in bringing Aloisia down and he was declare the winner.

Now he is declare winner, and now is the time for the GREAT KISS, a Kiss of death or life, so the whole arena was silent like a graveyard, everyone looking, the parent of Lorcan were already crying silently, the whole place was quite as they drew close to each other (The priestess was scared not to loose him).

Their lips touched, they kiss for some seconds and they stopped, everybody  eyes was on Lorcan to see if he will fall, they wait for some minutes.

Behold Lorcan didn't fall, the god's accepted him, they all shouted "AT LAST", they all drank wine and palm-wine and rejoice and the parent were happy and they sang songs of happiness.
He took her home and they were happy together and they were blessed with children.



Does love really worth taking the risk of sacrifice ones life for?
What can you give for true love?
let's hear your thought on the comment box below.............................

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