The Heist

Narrator: Johnson


I am Johnson A.K.A Json, i was the leader of a gang name XLAS, it all started from a small town in Nigeria, i rose from a family of 5, my parent were pastors, at early age i already start living the gangster life, i never attend any service in church, i was the most quite but the most dangerous.
I began to have my group/gang of 8 at 19 years old, a gang of 3 girls, 5 boys, we rob shops and homes, i never return home again, my parent were worried, always calling and pleading for me to come home and renew my life in Christ but i turn deaf ears because i was the leader of the group and i was only thinking about the Heist.

We killed in some of our operations until the mission was birthed called THE HEIST. This was an operation we all planned together, but we needed equipment for this operation to be successful.


We robbed banks and this time we still deleted some souls, on our second operation we lost 2 men, now i was left with 3 boys and 3 girls including me.

After we've gotten the complete tools for the operation, we set 3 days for resting and visiting our parents. So on that faithful day i went home, mom, dad were so happy to see me. Tears roll down my cheek on seeing the smile on their faces, mom cried, and dad  cried too, siblings were all happy to see me.

We went inside and after eating dinner, i called the whole family together, mom, dad, brothers, sister, well i came to see you all because this maybe the last time you will see me but i have filled all your bank accounts with money that will sustain you forever, i love you all and why am like this i don't know, my dad stood up, held me and say to me Son, you can still change your ways and turn to Christ, he will forgive you and others, mom also stood up and others saying brother please do go, we love you, play stay, don't go.

With tear rolling down my cheek, i will see you all soon, pray for me, i left them in tears as my mom drag me, my son please, but i still left them that night.

Before getting home that day, the thought of my family were running through me, but i never yield to the thought, on getting home my crew were already waiting for me.


Boss Boss welcome, i answered, are you all ready, all said yes, I am Json, i don't blink, we have lost a lot, today we show no mercy, don't blink, please no one dies today. This i said to my team and we took our things and left for the operation.

The heist was our biggest operation ever and most risky and the sweetest ever because it's a never seen operation ever and we were ready for it.

My parent called and send messages which i never reply, they were praying for me but i was already in the operation ground.

We entered the bank, we went straight to the bank vault which was opened by the managing director, and we tied him down after that, the operation lasted for hours, we got out and on getting outside the bank, there were police everywhere waiting for us.

We open fire and started running, but we were still apprehended though injured, after treatment we were all taken to prison, where our families came for visit when the heard what happened.
Dad said to me, son i warned you in tears, you never listened, i said to him,i am sorry dad, mom, brothers, sister, i am very sorry, please forgive me, pray for us we want to give our lives to Christ, will he forgive us.

Yes my son, he will, my family prayed for us as we gave our lives to Christ, they all prayed in tears. After all done we were taken to prison, tears could not stop, i have cause my family great pain and tears, mostly my sweet mom.

We were changed, the spirit in us changed that night as we prayed for God mercy and help in the court. It was time for court hearing, we were taken to court were our parents were already sitting and waiting, we pleaded guilty to our crimes, listed them and told them no need to read our case, we are guilty and we say sorry to everyone we cause pain, please forgive us, we are ready lord, please help us.
As everywhere went silent, the judge read our sentence and surprisingly we were sentence to some years in prison, our jail term was 10 years each, GOD intervened in our case, gave us a second chance, we were happy for this chance and we dedicated our lives to him forever.


  • Crime is bad
  • Stop perpetrating crime
  • Crime destroys the family
  • Crime hurts
  • Stop killing
  • Serve God wholely and he will give you every other things you need in life, God first in everything you do.

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