My Wife Is In The Army (short story)

Kenny has just finish NYSC (National Youth Service Corp), now he got the job he applied for during his NYSC service.

Now what is next, he has a good job, and now he was thinking of getting married, Oh my God, Kenny has fall in love with an Army girl named Jane.

He went to his friends to seek advice on what to do before approaching her. They all discourage him (not really discourage him though) but they were scared of the beating he will receive even before he finish his love sentence to her.

So he went home that day thinking of what to do cause he truly love her. Okay, he said, let me just sleep over it maybe a solution will come.

He slept and during that night he was dreaming about the girl Jane when he approach her, immediately he mention the word I LOVE Y...............,the rest sentence was completed with slap from different angle. He quickly wake up and couldn't sleep for the rest of the night.

He started lamenting, what is all this, I've not even approach her physically, she's already beating me in my dream, should i kill this this love am feeling or what, so he asked  himself.

Last night question was still unanswered, on his way to work that morning he saw Jane, he was confused on what to do, so he bubble up, he was charged immediately like the superman.

He approach her with confidence (in his mind he was praying though).
Hello angel i salute, funny she smiled, what is it, she asked. See i won't lie to you Jane, i am in love with you (he was at least 3m away from her), so he said. Come close, why are you moving back, she asked, Nothing, i don't just want the unwanted to happen, he answered.

She laughed, please come close, i promise i won't do anything, are you sure, he asked, Yes please, he answered. He drew close to her, please don't be scared because i am army girl, i have feelings too, i have a heart too and i do love too, so please don't be scared, Now what were you saying, she asked

Now Kenny was already motivated, he said to her, i love you Jane but i have been keeping this feelings all because i was scared that you will kill me, i want to marry you cause am deeply in love with you, Really, she asked, Yes i want to marry you.

Well i have feelings for you too, i was waiting to see if you will take your step as a man and ask, so i accept your proposal. He shouted, he was so happy, he hugged her, and they talked the whole day and latter walk her home that night. Kenny didn't go home straight but went to his friends place to share the great news.

Guys guess what, guess what, what what what what, they all asked, guys Jane accepted my love or her. Its a lie, lie, lie, they didn't believe him so he put her on call and put it on speaker, hello my love how are you, am fine my love, they were all shocked, you are still awake, he asked, Yes my love but am about to sleep now, we will talk tomorrow i love you, i love you too Jane.

Wow, they were shocked and they asked him how he did it which he told them and they praise him and celebrated the whole night for him.

So they fixed the wedding date and they got married and lived happily together.

On that faithful day, the friends of Kenny came to visit, they were welcome in and they ate and drink and they laughed and were all happy, so the friends said to Jane, do you know that we told Kenny that you will beat him if he approach you, but he surprised us and we are really happy for your love, they said to her.

Well one thing you should know is that love is limitless, if you love somebody walk up to her and tell her you love her no matter what she is, express your feelings cause you do not know what she is feeling too, so she said .

True, true, true, true, they all said as they celebrate on and on.


Don't be scared to express your true love to that one person today.

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