As we all know that this is the time of Covid-19 pandemic which has been on for over four months now. So today i will be talking on LOCKDOWNPRENEURSHIP, oh yes. I welcome you all Finst Blogging and Business Tips, the place for the best in business and investment strategies. Now let look at the meaning of Lockdownpreneurship.

What is Lockdownpreneurship?

This is simply the process of engaging oneself into practical work thereby learning new skills, working from home, at the verge of earning profit during a time of no movement/pandemic. Lawrence Fasting (2020).
Looking at the definition above, you can see that it's a time of learning new skills and not staying idle or getting fat at home.

Lockdownpreneurship is simply for the purpose of earning money even while staying at home, still keep the business running even while staying indoors during this period.

This lockdown has really affect a lot of countries. The covid-19 pandemic is a world-wide virus and the cases is increasing everyday, so is the death cases, it kills, economic of the nation, people, movement, gatherings are experiencing these effects. But how can we use this staying indoors to our advantage before everywhere will re-open again which we do not know when.

How To Turn This To Our Advantage

1. Learning new skills

Yeah, new skills, you know before this covid-19 pandemic, some of us have the passion to learn a skills which we could not do due to work schedule, but this is the time to be a lockdownpreneur on your own and earn cash while still indoors. There are so many skills to learn, some are:

  • Blogging
  • Web-designing
  • Writer
  • Farming (investing in agriculture)
  • Cooking
  • Catering
  • Teaching. 
  • Tailoring, el-cetera

These and many more you can learn, and within months you will be perfect.

2. Become an online wizard:

Wow online wizard, oh yes, this is where you use the online platform to build yourself positively, use social media platform to make cool cash, when you choose a skill to learn, go online because there are a lot of practical video tutorials done on that field.
Take your business from analog to digital, innovation is taking over the world today, take your business online, let people know that the business is still running, use social medias (Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, el-cetera), stop wasting data looking at people selfie when you can turn data to money.

3. Focus and set your goals:

Now you choose your skill to learn during this lockdown, stay focus and become a professional lockdownpreneur, set your goals on what you will achieve from this acquired skills and then implement it and you will see the benefit of becoming a Lockdownpreneur.

In conclusion, Be active, never let your business idle when there are means to keep working, connect with your customers online because even after the lockdown subside, you will still have your potential customers. Innovation is taking over the world already, be innovative, make your delivery national before international after the pandemic, display what you do online and let your back account keep increasing even while staying indoors.

I hope this was helpful, Be a Lockdownpreneur today, invest in your skills and still bring out the best in you during this lockdown.

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