Self Discipline

The word discipline means to instruct a person or animal to follow a particular code of conduct, or to adhere to a certain "order", or to adopt a particular pattern of behaviour. To discipline also gives rise to the word disciplinarian, which denotes a person who enforces order. I will be unveiling all the secret of self-discipline here and how it is the doorway to success.

What is Self-Discipline?

Self-discipline is another life skill required by an entrepreneur to succeed in establishing and managing an enterprise. An  entrepreneur has to apply self-controlled behaviour in carrying out his day-to-day activities. In a simple language, Self-discipline is the ability to control one's feelings and overcome one's weakness. It is the ability to get yourself to take action regardless of your emotional state. The pinnacle of self-discipline is when you reach that point that you make a conscious decision; it's virtually guaranteed you will follow through it. Self-discipline is the ability to do what you should be doing, putting off your immediate comfort or wishes in favor of a longterm success.

Self-discipline is one of many personal development tools available to entrepreneurs, but not a panacea. Nevertheless, the problems which self-discipline can solve are important and numerous.
Taking self-discipline serious will develop you in so many aspect when it come to decision making.

Self-discipline absolutely shreds a lot of problems, 
  • It can empower you to overcome any addiction or even lose any amount of weight. 
  • It can wipe out procrastination, disorder, and ignorance. 
  • Self-discipline brings about relaxed mind and straighten your focused on the task ahead e.t.c.

Within the domain of problems it can solve, self-discipline is simply unmatched. Moreover it becomes a powerful teammate when combined with other tools like passion, goal setting and planning. 

In enterprises one should have the ability to control one's emotions or behaviour in difficult situations, knowing that self-confidence can play a vital role in taking him/her of the situation.

Having self-discipline make you focused and when problems arises through the running of the business, it create ease access to tackle situations at hand.

Building Self-Discipline

The basic method to build self-discipline is to tackle challenges that you can successfully accomplish but which are near your limit. This doesn't mean trying something and failing at it every day, nor does it mean staying within your comfort zone. You must start with challenge that are within your current ability to surmount but which are near your limit, progressive training means that when you succeed, you increase the challenge. If you fail to challenge yourself in life you won't gain any more self-discipline.
If you don't get out of the box you've been raised in, you won't understand how much bigger the world is."Angelina Jolie"
Most people are very weak in their level of self-discipline; if you try to transform your entire life overnight by setting a lot of new goals for yourself and expecting yourself to follow through consistently starting the very next day, you are almost certain to fail, the more disciplined you become, the easier life gets. As you take the challenge now, you tend to get better as you go forward.

However, when building self-discipline, you also get the benefit of the work you have done along the way.

Pillars Of Self-Discipline

The pillars of self-discipline which are AWHIP, : Let me explain the meaning of AWHIP below:

A-Acceptance: This simply means that you perceive reality accurately and consciously acknowledge what you perceive.

W-Willpower: This is your ability to set a course of action and say "engage", it is the spearhead of self-discipline. Willpower provide an intensely powerful yet temporary boost. Think of it as a one-shot thruster.

H-Hard work: This is that which challenges you. Strong challenge is commonly connected with strong result, but most people will do what is easiest and avoid hard work. When you discipline yourself to do what is hard, you gain access to a realm of results that are denied from everyone. Always remember that:
"the big secret in life is that there is no big secret. Whatever your goal, you can get there if you are willing to work" Oprah Winfrey 

I-Industry: Industry is working hard. It simply means putting in your time. You can be industrious doing easy work or hard work, in life there  are many tasks that aren't necessarily difficult, but they collectively require a significant time investment. If you don't discipline yourself to stay on top of them, they can make a big mess of your life. Self-discipline requires that you develop the capacity to put in the time where it's needed.

P-Persistence: This is the ability to maintain action regardless of your feelings. You press on even when you feel like quitting. When you work on any big goal, your motivation will wax and wane like waves hitting the shore. Sometimes you'll feel motivated and sometimes you won't, but it's not your motivation that wins, it's your actions. This is what Persistence helps us do, Taking Actions.

Learn and build self discipline and you will handle your business with ease and found your business yielding all the expected result you predicted.

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