How to remove credit links from blogger template and stop redirecting

Making your blog beautiful and unique is a good feeling, have access to your blog without redirect to footer credit.
I welcome you to the right and best source for your business and investment tips and tricks on your blogger.
But today i'm going to show you the simplest ways to remove Designed by copyright on blogger template, this is often showing because the template isn't yours and this copyright doesn't give our blog the sweetness it needs and making it ours permanently. Though you can still change the template anytime.

You should know that these links are inserted by the developer by Javascript or CSS, but since you didn't purchase a premium template with no copyright attachment and you download the free blogger template, so you've got to learn this tricks to get rid of the footer credit from the theme you downloaded.

I know you have been trying to remove this yourself but it still remain the same because me i tried a lot until i discover this tricks, so am giving this tricks on how to do it so you won't have stress removing it. 

Merits of removing copyright footer

  1. It Save you money - you won't have to spend your money on making one yours.
  2. It makes your blog look nice and unique and professional
  3. No more copyright will display again
  4. Your Blog will not be link to the developer website
There are severally trick of removing this footer copyright link but am going to give you just the fastest way to remove the copyright.
Please do not forget to backup your template before activating this process, so you can easily replace when you can fix it again. Backup first.

Remove Designed By Copyright

Our first trick:

  • Sign in 
  • Add the blog you want to remove it copyright
  • Locate theme and click on it, two option will be display which is "customize" and  "edit html" then click on "edit html"
  • From your PC, use CTRL+F to bring out the search box then search for 'copypright-area' or 'crafted by' or distributed by or  'menu footer'.
  • But if you are using a phone for this, just stroll down till you see something like 'menu Footer'.
  • After seeing that, you will see visible-'true'> change it to visible-'false'> , that is you don't want it to show again.
  • click on save theme at the top, now preview your site and you will see the footer removed..

Second trick:

Always remember to backup before changing anything on your html. So lets go on; 

  • Sign into
  • Go to theme, click on it and select "edit html"
  • Click CTRL+F to bring out your search box and search for 'copyright-area' or  'crafted by' or distributed by 'menu footer'.
  • While for phone users stroll till you see { <div class=' copyright-area ' >Designed with <i aria-hidden....... } ,
  • copy and paste this code { style='font-size:0px;' } in between the text as shown in the image below.

This can also be done by clicking on "jump to widget" that is beside your save theme, click on attribution then search for this { style='font-size:0px;' } and change the 28px to 0px, it might be more than or less than 28px just change it to 0px

NOW click on the save theme button, wow you have done it, you have successfully remove the footer credit by blogger, now you can now put your name on the copyright.

I hope this was helpful, please comment, share and subscribe to our blog for notifications. Thanks
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