Basic Functions of Managers

Sometimes ago i was opportune to work in an establishment which comprises of A Manager, Supervisors, and other employees, so as time goes on , i discover that the manager was not functioning as the Manager, was not governing the workplace the way he should.
So that is why i have decided to point out some basic functions of a Manager in any establishment.

A Manager: A person who is responsible for controlling and administering an organization or group of staff. (According to online dictionary).
It involves planning, organizing, directing, and controlling activities of the organization so as to attain the set goals.

Be informed that things do not automatically turn around to achieve expected results. Put more differently, money, materials, machines, manpower and other resources can not on their own combine to achievement or anticipated results. Somebody must take up or be assigned the responsibility to coordinate them in an effective manner to realize a given target. It is not just anybody, it must be a result-oriented personality who has the skills and experience to effectively combine these all-importance scarce resources (without wastage) to attain efficiency and expectation. This person who  takes up this responsibility is called the MANAGER

The Manager therefore, is the one saddled with the responsibility of using management principles of planning, organizing, directing and controlling to achieve enterprise objectives. He could be a hired labour or owner-entrepreneur trained in that aspect of work. The manager takes over the whole things in the business, observe and take necessary decisions.

Here are some functions of a manager, the duties of the manager to an establishment.

Functions of the Manager

Generally speaking, a manager performs the function of management, the manager is like any other hired personnel of the establishment but what distinguishes him/her from the rest is by virtue of the functions he performs. So here are some functions of the managers.
  • A manager ensure that the goals of the organization are achieved.
  • Managers design and maintain the stability of the organization's operations.
  • Managers choose the strategies needed to keep an organization adapting in a controlled way to its changing environment.
  • As formal authorities, managers are responsible for the operation of the establishment status system and serve as symbol for the organizational activities.
  • Managers serve as the information link between the organization and its environment.

The managers are responsible for all activities in the workplace, Planning, Directing, Staffing, Organizing, controlling, Leading, After all these element are in place, a manager's job is not finished, He/She must continuously check the results against goals of the establishment and take any corrective actions/measures necessary to make sure that his area's plans remain intact. 

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