The GirlChild

The GirlChild

Chapter One

I woke up that morning walking
down to my junction as i remembered 
that on 14–15 April 2014, at 
midnight 276 female students
were kidnapped from the Secondary
School in the town of Chibok
in Borno State, Nigeria. This
case runs through out that year,
57 of the schoolgirls were rescued
by the NA the next few months
and some have described their
capture in appearances at inter-
national human rights conferences.
A child born to one of the girls and
believed by medical personnel to
be about 20 months old also was
released, according to the Nigerian
president's office.

Since then hopes were raised on
various occasions that the 219
remaining girls might be released.
Newspaper reports suggested that
Boko Haram was hoping to use the
girls as negotiating pawns in exchange
for some of their commanders in jail.

In May 2016, one of the missing girls,
Amina Ali, was found. She claimed
that the remaining girls were still there,
but that six had died. A further 21
girls were freed in October 2016,
while another was rescued the next
month. Another was found in January
2017. 82 more girls were freed in May
2017. One of the girls was rescued
in January 2018 and then i asked
was about the rest and i found no
answer and our girls lived in fear.

what could have happened, what
are they doing to those girls each
day that passes?, are they being
RAPED? questions runs through
me as no answers were forth
coming. THE GIRLCHID should
be protected not molested, should
be happy living freely not hidden.

parents cried and i saw tears
rolling down the eyes of mothers
and fathers, oh my child i carried
for 9 months, oh my baby girl is
gone. Time for the voice of our girls
to be heard.

Chapter two
I woke early morning ready for
my normal day walk and bought
a biscuit and as i was crunching
it in and downloaded it down with a
plastic Fanta, siting down under
the mango tree experiencing the
free view of my country Nigeria
and a thought glance through me
as i thought about the RAPIST,
The GirlChild was going on her
way singing and shaking her
beautiful God given body as a 
group of guys jumped out from
different corners to block her.

oh she looked at them with her
innocent face which they were
not looking and as probe to
shout out, the grab and took
her into the bush as she was 
dis-flowered and torn apart,
molested, she cried and shout
for help but none could come 
to her rescue, her dreams was
broken and she couldn't bear
the horror of the incident, as
tears rolled down her cheek 
in pain as she staggered to
stand up and manage to get

The next morning her parent
went to her room and found
her dead and saw a letter she
wrote about her nightmare,so
many raped and still living
but broken within and still trying
to go through life as if nothing 
has happened. 

As my head rounding to explosion
tears rolled down my eyes and quietly
i left for home and still hoping the fight
for The GirlChild must be taken serious
and fight for.
so my day ended with pain in my heart 

The GirlChild

Chapter three

It was exactly 6am on Saturday
morning as i was still dozing of
sleep but i had to force myself up
for early morning prayer and doing
the chores in the house.

I finished early and decided not
to work but sleep and rest and
eat, Dad and Mom were not at
home, so i was definitely home
alone that day, As i turn on the
TV to a news channel to see the
happenings in the country and i
saw protesters, vigilante group
all fighting for the case of Murder,
Rape and Corruption in our country.

what are the government doing
about this, this is not the time to
sleep but to fight for human right,
so i relaxed and started counting
our ceilings as a thought run cross
my head of our girls raped and

Oh what a tragedy, oh what an
innocent girl she was as she walk
pass me on that faithful day, a day
filled with pain, a day one can
never forget, who would have
thought this will happen, living
your house hoping to come back
home happy without fear, oh she
got to her friend's place but she 
was not home, so she decided
to go back and on her was home
she saw a group of boy ( four in
number ), she walked passed and 
suddenly they stood up and they
grab her into the bush as she
screamed and screamed,

Oh where is my helper, please
don't do this to me as she begged
them, they gave her deaf ears as
they torn her clothes and RAPED
her mercilessly, after sometime
when they where done they hit
a stone on her head as she was
unconscious for some time before
she gave up the ghost, they killed
her, the killed her, where is justice
for The GirlChild, what are we
going to do about this?, lots of
questions left unanswered as tears
rolled down my cheek and still
have hope to fight for The GirlChild,

The GirlChild

Chapter four


Another dawn, another weather,
another day, i woke up early that
morning to watch the AM news,
i sat alone on the couch in the sitting
room , turned on the TV as mom and
Dad were still sleeping, AM news
Today, as i watched the news about
the "The GirlChild" a girl was Raped
in the church, a place of worship,
"a place the alter of God is placed"
what is wrong with these perpetrators,
carrying out injustice at the alter, 
"God Forbid".

Many are molested and they are 
quite about it cause they are afraid 
to speak out, children from little age
are molested every year but are quite
about it, they tend not to speak out, a
pressure which has led women to 
commit suicide after becoming 
victims of rape.

After hearing this and hearing what
the Police are saying "we will bring
these hoodlums to justice" that was the 
hope given, and i saw another news on
the mediator killed and buried in a 
shallow grave and these haters were 
caught and they say justice will be 

Oh JUSTICE when will you be served?, 
when will there be a law of  "KILL FOR 
SWORD" oh The GirlChild is scared of 
walking alone home, somebody walk with
me cause am scared, a lot happenings and
crime everywhere in the city, the road 
home is dark and scary. will The GirlChild 
be helped as i hope for this to come.

The GirlChild

Chapter five


That evening in my room as i was 
soliloquising, speaking to myself
about the laws guiding rapes in Nigeria,
i found out there are organisations in
Nigeria fighting for The GirlChild if only
we speak out from the shame these
hoodlums has placed on us, if only
we can beat fear and run to the 
appropriate channel and report this
cases of protecting The GirlChild,
if you have fall victim, you should
not suffer in silence. we should 
speak out so that The GrlChild can 
be protected and our future can be safe.

I cried so hard feeling the pains of The GirlChild
being raped.

The GirlChild
Dress properly
Avoid night work
Avoid Night party to 
not fall victim of date

Protect The GirlChild
No means No
Rape Is A Crime
Fight For The GirlChild
Sex Her Without Her Consent Is RAPE

Reporting rape can be a very emotional and difficult thing to do, so you should consider getting support from organisations like Mirabel Centre, where rape and sexual assault victims can get access to forensic medical assistance, and more importantly professional counselling services,
The GirlChild is a short story to fight against RAPE in our country.

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