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I am victory, i was not born with the silver spoon, i was born in the time of hard sustainability in the country.

I was into the midst of three, hardship and poverty held us with hard means of looking for food to eat, years latter we lost our dad, he left us at the time we needed him most, it was a bad time for me and my brothers.


I and my brothers, John, Jude, and Sylvester enter the street to hustle so we eat a day meal. Our mother, Oh what a priceless mother she was, she never think of herself, Oh she pray everyday for us, cry and hold us to herself as she lay prayers on us, Oh mother mom like no other, the tears from her eyes melt me down, Oh i was despondent, tugging on my heart strings, Oh a virtuous woman, uniqueness in all ways, fervent in prayers, Oh mother of all.

We struggle selling and hawking pure water, banana, Oh dad why did you leave us at this time, mother will say "God knows why".


On that faithful morning as we prepare to go sell as usual. Oh why did i go out with my little brother that day, Oh who would had known, tears were  not enough, so as we were selling, John decided to cross the road too the other side to sell to a customer.

Oh John, next thing i saw was my brother in the poll of blood, he has been snuffed out by a car, i rush down and held him, oh where are the tears i don't want to stop crying, God please help, but no answer as everywhere was cold in me.

Before i knew it mom was here already Mom cried for John to wake up, not to die on her, not to leave her, what am i going to do, your dad is not is no more, please John, John was beyond the veil.


Oh mother, after he was laid to rest, i went to mom, mom was crying, me in tears with Sylvester and Jude, mom is like this world is against us, i said to her My mom looked at me with tears in her eyes, my son as far as God lives, the world will never be against us, she quote 

But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.

Always believe in him my son, oh what a mother i have, her faith in the lord was still unshaken, mother of faith, virtue, mother that can not be replaced,

I wonder why we still experience all this, I love you, so she said. God will bless you my children, he will never forsake us, so she said.


At midnight that day, i went down on my kneels praying, God please open my doors of blessing, change my status, uplift me lord, if not because of anything, please because of mom, dad, and my brothers. God you can't be silent, so i prayed and couldn't sleep all through that night.

7years latter, i finally i manage to round off  my degree in school with non-stop hustling, Oh mom i have graduated, mom knelt down, God may you be praise, i am most happy my son, so she said in tears. Mom don't cry, is tears of joy my son so she said.
So we entered the house and we were all happy.


Now Jude and Sylvester just round off their WAEC and i was still looking for job. Our God is not silent so she said, you will get that job my son.

After waiting for employment from Chevron a long period of time, i was almost in despair but my spinal cord ( my mother) never let me.

Oh God please don't be silent on me now that am done with my  school, my son Our God will give you that job, so she said.


Two months later, my mom fall sick we took her to the hospital, as she was on sickbed i went to the doctors office and he said to me "your mom is suffering from lungs cancer" is very critical and she have hours to live, she has been suffering from it for too long.

I was shocked and kept wondering why did i not notice this ever since then i went back to my mother for answers, Mom why? why now?, i needed to keep working to put food on our table and to send you little while you were in school, so she said.

Mom please you have to live, stay with us, we need you now than ever, mom you are our pillar, our shield, please don't go, so Sylvester said.
Mommy, how can we cope, so Jude said.

God will give you that job, all of you will be successful, my God is never silent, please take care of your brother's, so she said in tears. On the hospital bed mom passed away we cried, morn for months, Oh my virtue my precious love, mom is beyond the veil, i held my brothers as we kept on encouraging ourselves and kept praying for God to not let our mother, brother and dad death be in vain.


So we were sitting one morning outside our compound as a man walk in to us dressed in suit with a car and two other men also on suit, he held a file on his hand and walk closer to us, we were surprise wondering what has happened.

He came closer, please who is Mr victory?, so he asked. I am, please is there a problem, No sir you have been given an appointment in Chevron, here is your appointment letter the car is yours and we will take you to your house so you can resume office next week, so he said.

I was still, still like a dead wood, my body was so cold as tears roll down my cheek.

Sir why are you crying, o he asked, my brother's were also crying cause they knew my reason, the first word that came of my mouth was " mom, why now" John, Dad, where are you guy's, the money is here now.

A nice car for you dad, mom, John, a nice house, all we ever wanted is here, where are you guy's. We held ourselves a tears rolled down our cheeks, they were  looking at us as tears drop down their cheek, oh mom God is never silent, you are our pillar.

We left in tears, till we meet again Mom, Dad, John, we will live life the way it will please God for you guy's, love you Mom, Dad, John.

I receive the letter and our lives today has change .

No matter your situation, God is never SILENT.


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  1. Good work. U felt the narrator's despair. I recommend some editing and proofreading. But I thought the narrative had definite potential
    Keep working on it.


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