Why The Excuses And Procrastination


A lot of youth today have a lot of excuse, we tend to procrastinate while we are suppose to be working, we sleep while we are suppose to be awake. I tell you this that it is either you choose to make money or you choose to sleep and wake up poor.

It is high time you wake up, don't wait for someone to become millionaire until you realized you have wasted a lot of time doubting and making excuses. In this civilized modern generation , there are things you can invest in.

Here are some thing you can turn your excuses to , you can turn you wasted time investing in Agriculture, YES, Agriculture, some will say how can i start, how will my friends see me doing agriculture, Never be ashamed of your hustle, no one will feed you if you are broke. Be dirty to get your food instead of clean and hungry. 

Do it and you will harvest a lot and people will be laughing in idleness while you make your money.

You can invest in that thing that you found joy in doing, it could be in comedy, singing etc, invest in it , Open a youtube channel and let people see your talent and showcase yourself and i tell you, you will earn a lot.

Even in blogging, you can blog on a specific area you are good in, let people see that hidden talent in you, be awaken and make your money while others sleep.

Handwork you learnt, invest in it and showcase what you do online, on social media ( Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp ) etc. let people see you and stop wasting money on chatting only, tell them what you do.

This is the little i have that you can do, work while others are sleeping. One thing people always think of is loan. I recommend BOOTSTRAP FINANCING ( a process of using one's modest fund as major source of finance to start a business ). Most entrepreneurs who has actually got to top of their business started with this type of finance.

Turn your excuses to something. you are complete human being, do no complain anymore, do not procrastinate anymore, do something to put food on your table and have more to feed your family.

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