Today we are talking about an Entrepreneur, who is an entrepreneur?, what are the functions of an entrepreneur?. All this we shall be stating out here on this article.


According to the dictionary, Entrepreneur is simply a person who set up a business or businesses, taking on financial risk in the hope of making profit.

Entrepreneurship is all about profit making, the main aim of establishing a business is to make profit. An entrepreneur reallocates, an entrepreneur is someone ready to sacrifice both time and effort for the main purpose of earning and making success in any business venture.

Some functions of an entrepreneur are:

  • Perception and identification of business opportunities: As an entrepreneur, you should identify all business opportunities around you before venturing into it.
  • Identification and selection and acquisition of key resources like land, raw material.
  • Innovation: You must be innovative and vast, productivity are raise through various forms of innovation.
  • Risk taking: You must be ready to take risk, be ready to invest in that business and accept the challenges attached to it, Remember, without investment No reward. All successful entrepreneurs today took a risk and contemplated but still they took that risk and they were successful. Take yours today.

Benefits of an entrepreneur

  • Job security.
  • Promote better standard of living.
  • Greater self-confidence.
  • All money that is generated is yours.
  • Constant growth and development.
  • You choose who to bring into the business.

After taking that risk to invest in your business paving your way to becoming a successful entrepreneur, you will see that you are now employer of labour. BOOM you are now good at it, now challenges are not your fear anymore.

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