Effect Of Communication Line In Business

We have discussed about things to do before starting a business venture, now we will talk about communication line in the organization.

Communication: This is the process by which individual, the communicator transmit stimuli usually verbal symbols to modify the behaviour of other individuals. This is a free flow of communication from the originator to the receiver.

One thing you should know is that without communication, information can not be extracted from your investors, customers. Information about what they like to see next from you, kind of product they will like, how the market is changing, getting all this from your customers set your mindset right on how to impress your customers so that more people can patronize what you do/sell.

When you have a proper line of communication with customer, you tend to know how the market is running, so your competitors don't beat your product in the market place, most people fail in business because they lack communication channel in their business, so they tend to lost potential customers, having a customer is one thing, retaining it is another thing, you must maintain good line of communication.

The basic aim of communication is to enhance understanding and being informed, Theyre (1961) classified the aim or purpose of communication as:

  • Becoming inform or informing others, oh yes that is what the line of communication is all about, is either you inform them about your new product/changes in what you do or you get informed about the market changes.
  • Evaluating one's own impact, every employees should be accessed by the employer to know the basic decisions to be taken in an organization, remember your employees knows your customers more than you because they are always with your customers. Let there be a communication process available.
  • Influencing others, let your work influence others positively so information line can be made easy.

Importance Of Communication

  • Setting goals and objective, it helps in setting goals in your establishment.
  • Communication helps in decision making and implimentation.
  • It helps in dealing with customers and even suppliers.
  • It also helps to know the type of staff to hire and also in developing staff.

These are few importance of communication in the organization, communication can be passed orally, written, or body, all are effective ways of communication.

Communication helps a lot because it saves time and money, rules and regulations makes more meaning and impact when they are writing down for everyone to follow. Always create a communication line for your business so you can always be informed.

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