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EPISODE 1                                                                                                                                              
It all started from a small town with me Dave and Jennifer my love. On a bright morning as I and Jennifer were scrolling as we proclaim our love to each other, Baby you know i love you so much, you are my world and everything, you are my heartbeat and i will always love you As Jennifer tell me how much she love me, i was overwhelmed so i looked at her and say, i love you too my queen and you only will always have my heart as we both hug each other and she left home.

I have just gotten a letter from the oil company i signed for and now i have been given a 2 years contract worth millions of naira, so i have to tell Jennifer my love about this great news, so as early as 5am in the morning i ran to her house and knock and she came out in her beautiful pyjamas, she so sexy, i could not get my eyes of her and i kept looking and forgot my reason of coming to her house. Dave, Dave, Dave as she shout my name, what is it, why are you here this early morning i was still sleeping when you were knocking, this better be good ooo because you just ruined my sweet sleep.

My love, you are so sexy, you are the most beautiful woman have ever seen, as she kept looking at me, thinking if that was what brings me to her house that morning.

Look i will go back in now if you do not talk, My love sorry , i brought good news, remember the interview i went for in Port Harcourt, i have been given employment, as she jump on me with her sexy pyjamas still on, i held her so tight, cause her body was so soft, so we were happy and i told her that baby am going to leave for two good years, she left me and went back to her chair. 

How can you leave only me here and go to Port Harcourt, i will die before you even reach there, please do not leave me here alone. I will always call you and text you and send you things, you know am doing this for us, she became dull as i held her close to myself. i will come back okay, i love you only. Please come back, and always call.

We made promises to each other as i left her and went home, through out that night i could not get her thought of my head, i couldn't sleep and i know she too will not  sleep that night, i think of her through the night until the next morning as i prepared for my journey to  Port Harcourt , i left that day saying goodbyes to my dad  and mom.

EPISODE 2                                                                                                
That night i got to  Port Harcourt and I lodge in a hotel, till the next morning, i woke up early that morning and took my bath and get dress for work, i got there early and meet with the director and he gave me my appointment letter with a house and a car, i jump up in his office rejoicing and jubilating, i work that day with them,knowing the work area, after close of the day i went to my new house with my new car, i was the happiest person that, so i decide to call my Obimo Jennifer, she picked instantly as if she has been waiting for my call since morning.

My love, how are you doing, i have been expecting your call since morning what happened, hope you are fine, hope you have eaten, hope the work was not stressful. She ask me a lot of questions at the same time, i was looking for which one to answer first, my love i am fine and good, i was given a car and a house to start with, she shouted on the phone, she was happy as i was, we talked through the night, i went to bed at 3am the next day but still woke up early for work.

EPISODE 3                                                                                                                                             
It was all going well for about six months until i had a friend name Johnson, Johnson was good to me, he introduce me to his friends and we all mingle well, we party a lot and drink a lot that i forgot my beautiful Jennifer, i was into a lot, clubbing, drinking, we carry women a lot just for sex though.

My life changed so much that i drift away from the woman i loved so much without knowing, i neither call nor pick her calls anymore, Jennifer will send me thousands of text which i never reply to, i was totally different.

Living the big boy lifestyle was my new way, spending money on things that never yield any good result, two years pasted without hearing the voice of the one i love, i know she must be feeling so bad and disappointed in me for abandoning her like that.


On this faithful day at work, my phone rang and it was a number and i picked the call. Why are you so wicked like this Dave, so you could stay without hearing from your girlfriend for good two years, what kind of a man are you, what kind of love do you have for her, you are so wicked and stupid, a man like you should never be born.

I quickly stop her from laying more curse on me, who the hell are you to be insulting me like this, talk quick i do not have time for this.

I am Titi, Jennifer's friend. A silent cold run through me instantly, cause i didn't have a single word to say anymore after abandoning her two good years and ignore even my fathers calls concerning her, ignore anyone that call to talk about her, i ignore everyone because of my stupidity and blindness.


Hello, hello, hello are you still there, as i was lost already cause my lost memories were coming back, yes i am still here.

Look, if you still have anything for your girlfriend you better come back because she has been in the hospital for almost a year now and don't ask me what happened, when you get here you will find out Goodbye.

Another silent cold run through me, i was there like a dead man, what have i done to myself, how will i start apologizing, will they forgive me for almost killing their daughter with frustration, i know even my dad will be so angry at me, what will i do now, all sort of questions run through my head.

That day was almost the worst day of my life, after close of that day i was so down that i had to ask my friend Johnson to drive me home.

My guy what is it, why did you ask me to drive you home, are you okay. All his question were just passing over my head like a breeze, all i could say was leave me be for now Johnson okay please, as he left and i went in with my unfinished question about forgiveness.


The next morning i could not go to work, so i had to take leave from work that day, i never settle through out that day, my friend latter came that evening to check on me, this time i was cool and ready to talk to someone.

How are you doing today Dave, can you talk to me now, am here for you, Johnson you know that my girlfriend i told you about, she has been hospitalized for year plus now and i am here enjoying myself, i neglected everyone close to me and left everyone to be on their own, i still love her but i do not know if she will forgive me, please what can i do.

Hmmm, LOVE LIKE THIS still dey exist, well start with apology from your house hold before going to the family of the girl for forgiveness and let see the result. As far as your love for her is real she will forgive you.

I was okay with the little advice, so i decided to go to my parent first.


On that faithful day i traveled back home and on getting home i was already scared of my father when i got to my dad house, i came down from my car and started crawling right from the door of my car begging my dad and mom to forgive me, i cried my heart out that day, my dad and mom were just looking at me as i cry more for mercy.

My son stand up, i stood, you disappoint me, you broke my heart but you are my only son, i forgive you, we forgive you. I cried the more when they both said that, i cried as my mom hug me and i hold her tight.

Later that night my father called me from where i was thinking the next step to take, i answered and went to the sitting room for the family meeting.
Sit down my son, i sat down, now tell me exactly what happened to you in Port Harcourt we will like to know everything.

I started narrating my life experienced in Port Harcourt Dad i was suppose to spend two years but due to my hardworking they made me their permanent staff after that two years expires, i started clubbing and drinking and taking different women all the time, until one day a girl name Titi called me saying she is Jennifer friend, that was when i realize my mistakes, i went on my knees and started pleading, dad, mom i am sorry.

We already forgiven you stand up, is okay you now realize your mistakes, your woman Jennifer has been sick ever since, she drank poison one day and landed in the hospital, ever since, my son she has been in coma. I was shocked, as tears roll down my eyes, i shouted and cried my love please do not die and my mom said,

My son do not worry, we will go to her parent first for forgiveness because without that my son, you can not see the woman you seek.

Okay mom, i lay on her arm as she hold me, i could not bear it, it was so painful.

EPISODE 8                                                                                                                                            
The next morning, me, mom, and dad got ready to go to Jennifer's parent house. As we got there, the parent were outside already waiting for us cause my dad call we will be coming, immediately we got there, the first thing i receive was a slap from the mother and i just went down on my knees begging and crying for forgiveness and the mother told me, I'ave not seen LOVE LIKE THIS, she took poison because of you as she shed tears.

I held her legs and begged for mercy, and she looked at me and say, Stand up, we forgive you, she is still in the hospital. As i stand up and thank them for their forgiveness and immediately i ask to see Jennifer cause i was eger to see her and they grant me the permission as we all entered my call and went straight to the hospital.

EPISODE 9                                                                                                                                           
On getting there i rush in praying in my heart that she still love me, a lot of things keep running through my mind and there i was in the hospital room as i saw my queen lying lifeless in the hospital bed.

I held her hands in tears as i pleaded for her to forgive me for abandoning her, i cried and to my greatest surprise she moved her hand and she blink her eyes, there it was she woke up. tears of joy could not stop rolling down my eyes, she wipe my tears off and she said

My love you are back, i am so happy, My love why did you poison yourself, do you want to die. I poison myself after seeing you with another girl, i came to Port Harcourt to see you and when i got there i saw you kissing another girl, i could not bear it after our promises to each other, Titi drove me home that day and when i got home i could not bear the pain so the only solution i know to ease my pain was to kill myself, I love you so much Dave and i can do anything for our love.

I was speechless and all i could do was blame myself for causing her so much pain, i pleaded, Baby i am so sorry please forgive me i am back now, am going nowhere, i never knew LOVE LIKE THIS is real and can still be found, she hug me and say she forgive me and she still love me, now the whole family came in and we were all happy she woke up. I was her medicine and a week latter she was discharge and we got married immediately and we moved back to  Port Harcourt after the wedding.

LOVE LIKE THIS is a story showing that true love exist and patient is all we need to find it.

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